Golden Retriever Puppy Journal
Born June 26th, 2005

2 Females and 7 males

Journal of Development/Health Care

Everyday Activities

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Brotherly Love? [ Vinnie - Peanut ]   Jan 15, 2006

All three boys from Jan 15th, 2006
[ Peanut - Shorty - Vinnie ]

[ Vinnie - Peanut ]   Jan 15, 2006

First three months of Life

  • June 28;  2 days old, dew claws were removed, no complications.

  • July 11;  Pups are walking around and their eyes are now fully open.

  • July 12;  Pups are eating small amount of watered canned puppy food.

  • July 20;  Pups eating canned puppy food and drinking water very well. Hearing is very good now. They can also see well.

  • July 30;  Pups have almost all teeth now. Nearing being weaned. Chewing and playing tug of war with rags and toys.

  • July 31;  Barking, running, jumping, attempting to escape the weaning pen, played outside in the grass for an hour.

  • August 01;  It's all about playing and chewing on everything today. Betty is a climber, she has escaped from the weaning pen more than a dozen times, she also climbs back into it.

  • August 09;  99% weaned, first shots and Vet examinations. Best litter Vet has seen in quite some time.

  • August 10;  De-worming, and female "Betty Blanca" going home to her new family in Grand Marais, Minnesota.

  • August 14; Pups moved to larger pen in garage, much more room to run and roll around. Many pups love playing in the kiddie pool. They're ready to hit the beach and play in the sand. Eating dry puppy food.

  • August 15; Pups played in the yard with Sandy, Jess, Ripley and a friend; Angus, a black scottie.

  • August 19; Pups are really starting to look like dogs, their noses have grown out, feet are big and their toenails have thickened up.

  • Sept 20; Pups are 20-30 pounds now and running around the yard, swimming in the pond, tackling each other, beating up the  cat "Choas" [she must like it, she doesn't run] and meeting a friends' yellow lab pup, "Auggie."

  • Sept 25; pups moved into house to start crate and potty training.

>>Journal of Everyday Activities

  • Every morning, even before the coffee, we take the pups outside and one of us cleans the weaning pen. It is a real mess after the night. Pen is scrubbed and the weaning pads are replaced with a clean ones.

  • Pups are fed Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy food that is soaked in water, at 8 am, 2 pm, 6 pm and 10 pm. Sandy cleans up any left-overs.

  • Pups play outside with kids and three adult Goldens for another hour or so later in the day. Usually we also play in the kiddie pool with about an inch or two of water. Pool on an angle so they can choose whether or not to get wet.

  • By dinner Betty has escaped out of the weaning pen at least 5 times.

  • Pups have their own radio tuned to Minnesota Public Radio, either the talk station or classical music station.

  • Working on basic commands; sitting, staying and responding to verbal and non-verbal commands and house training. Pups have done very well not going potty in the house. Pups are in their crate now while we are at work.

  • Completely potty trained and doing great learning new commands.

>>We currently have no Golden Retrievers for sale or adoption, though a friend has some male Goldens available at:

>>Please consider adoption of a rescued golden retriever. Puppies as well as adult dogs are available.


AKC Name: "Maple Hill's North Shore Shorty"

Call Name: "Shorty"

Loves the tennis ball, can catch it with his mouth. Very fast runner and loves to ride in truck, jumps in by himself. Incredible athletic build and shiny coat. His tail from birth; is about 2/3 of the normal size, thus his name "Shorty."

Looks the most like Easton, his father. [See Easton]

At 6 months old and about 60 pounds

Go to Shorty's page for more info and images


AKC Name: "Maple Hill's P-Nuttier Peanut"

Call Name: "Peanut"

Our favorite pup, Peanut comes 'a running when you call him. Smart and feisty, he really sticks up for himself when one of the larger dogs attempts to tackle him. Peanut was about half the size of the rest of the litter when born. We made sure peanut got a nipple as much as possible.

The size of his litter mates and their aggressiveness in reaching milk, would have surely starved him and he would not be here today. Never have I had a more polite animal in my life. He has trained himself just as much as I have trained him.

At 6 months old and about 60 pounds

Go to Peanut's page for more info and images


AKC Name: "Maple Hill's Dream Deaver"

Call Name: "Deaver"

Very adventurous, one of the first to try the kiddie pool, likes to take the chew toys from the other dogs.


Go to Deaver's page for more info and images


AKC Name: "Maple Hill's Jackson"

Call Name: "Jackson"

Very smart little dog, he was the first to climb the kids' ramp up to the fort, and is a great climber.


Go to Jackson's page for more info and images


AKC Name: "Maple Hill's North Shore Vinnie"

Call Name: "Vinnie"

2nd largest dog of the litter

Dominant and large, both Oliver and Vinnie are real out-going and full of testosterone.

Go to Vinnie's page for more info and images


AKC Name: "Maple Hill's Oliver with a Twist"

Call Name: "Oliver"

Oliver is the largest and lightest dog of the litter.

Go to Oliver's page for more info and images


AKC Name: "Maple Hill's Playing With Stars"

Call Name: "Tycho"

Kinda shy at first, handsome, very sweet and loving. Lightest colored male. Also loves the pool and climbing the ramp up to the kids' fort.

Image from new owner after Tycho went home

Go to Tycho's page for more info and images


AKC Name: "Maple Hill's Sophie"

Call Name: "Sophie"

Probably the second feistiest dog of the litter. If there's trouble, I bet Sophie is in the middle of it.

Go to Sophie's page for more info and images


AKC Name: "Maple Hill's Betty Blanca"

Call Name: "Blanca"

Escape artist, always trying to escape and snuggle with mom in the living room. Lightest colored female.

Very tired Blanca with Mom

Go to Blanca's page for more info and images

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