Golden Retriever Puppy Journal
Born June 26th, 2005  2 Females and 7 males


AKC Name: "Maple Hill's North Shore Shorty"

Call Name: "Shorty"

Loves the tennis ball, can catch it with his mouth. Very fast runner and loves to ride in truck, jumps in by himself. Incredible athletic build and shiny coat. His tail from birth; is about 2/3 of the normal size, thus his name "Shorty." Jan 15th, 2006 he is about 60 pounds

Looks the most like Easton, his father. [See Easton]

Shorty has really touched our lives, if we could keep another dog it would be a tough decision between Peanut or Shorty. Very intelligent dog, really likes to follow us around.

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5 weeks

6 weeks

7 weeks

9 weeks, collar now blue, from yellow

5 months

5 months

6 months

All three boys from Jan 15th, 2006
[ Peanut - Shorty - Vinnie ]

Jan 15th, 2006

Jan 15th, 2006 about 60 pounds

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