Golden Retriever Puppy Journal
Born June 26th, 2005  2 Females and 7 males


AKC Name: "Maple Hill's P-Nuttier Peanut"

Call Name: "Peanut"

Peanut's puppy history;

When Peanut was born he was just 1/2 the size of the other pups. We didn't do any super-human techniques to make sure he stayed alive, except we made sure he had ample nipple time. The size of his litter mates and their aggressiveness in reaching milk, would have surely starved him and he would not be here today. It took about a week before he started making advances in weight and eating.

At three weeks;

He was everyone's favorite "little Peanut." He was smart and feisty, really sticking up for himself when one of the larger dogs attempt to tackle him. 

At five weeks;

Peanut comes 'a running when you call him. Never have I had a more polite animal in my life. He has trained himself just as much as I have trained him.

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Peanut 2 days old

1 and a half weeks old, facing camera

3 weeks

4 weeks

5 weeks old, on right

6 weeks old

9 weeks old

9 weeks old

11 weeks old

5 months old

5 months old

All three boys from Jan 15th, 2006
[ Peanut - Shorty - Vinnie ]

Running with stick, keeping away from
his brothers Jan 16th, 2006

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